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 Work of Art


The Work of Art Program

An innovative online technology and training program
that combines creative expression, social networking,
21st century skill-building, school-based enterprise,
and self-determination for transitioning students

and adults with disabilities.

Empowerment to Entrepreneurship Presentation

Project 10 Training Presentation

VSA Residency Training Presentation

Project 10 Gallery Guide

Project 10 Gallery Tips

Using Splash!

Transitioning students with disabilities face a myriad of challenges. They need life skills, technical skills, and training that will assist them as move into work placement, further vocational training, or college. Some students have cognitive challenges, some physical, and some both. Some need a vocational track while in or after high school. Some will attend college but will have difficulty locating a part time job that meets their needs.

These students deserve and need innovative approaches to help them fulfill these needs so they can reach their goals.  ArtThread’s Work of Art (WOA) Program brings these new tools and new training to you and your students.

Using the ArtThread Online Gallery and all of its e-commerce and artmaking tools as the center for training, the WOA program provides educators with the tools, skills and curriculum necessary to teach their transitioning students online arts and imaging skills, the joy of making art, and the fundamentals of their own small business. With their own e-commerce stores and art-based products the students have the opportunity to be proud of their unique accomplishments while learning a distinct set of 21st century skills.

The Work of Art Program includes these tools:

  • Train the trainer curriculum
  • In-depth instruction on the Gallery and the Product-Maker
  • Engaging your team of teachers, counselors, and support staff
  • Making the Work of Art part of the daily experience for students
  • Promoting the Gallery and the students’ stores to your community
  • Evidence-based design for research and program evaluation

The Work of Art Program benefits everyone:
  • Classroom teachers: A 21st century skills building activity and an online school-based enterprise that helps level the playing field for students with disabilities.
  • Art teachers: Innovative, game-like art-making software and an online gallery to show off class work, all fostering creative expression that transcends disability.
  • Counselors & behavioral specialists: A hands-on, art-based activity offering a positive therapeutic activity as a reward, and a tool to help counteract negative behavior.
  • School media coordinators: Secure social networking for students that teaches technology and graphics skills while providing a safe and appropriate social media environment based on art rather than words.
  • School administrators: A new way to build community and connections for students, staff, and parents, and a way to bring the whole community together to support their students.
  • Families: Sharing in the experience of making art brings families together, even if members are separated by great distances. 
  • Students: Empowerment and a sense of accomplishment as they learn new technology and micro-enterprise skills while sharing their creative expression with their peer community.

 Making art online!

The core of the Work of Art Program is the ArtThread Interactive Online Gallery, a place where students make and share art online in an art-to-art conversation with their peers. As students build their own unique repertoire of photos, paintings, drawings, sculptures, or artwork they make online, the Work of Art Program provides a way for the public to purchase a selection of one-of-a-kind products imprinted with student art. 

Contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information on bringing the Work of Art Program into your school or community organization.


WOA day collage


 Sponsors and partners:

The Able Trust              VSA arts of Florida            Project 10